Kiowa Tribal Gaming Commission

The Kiowa Tribe of Oklahoma established a Gaming Commission in order to regulate Kiowa Casinos. The Kiowa Tribal Gaming Commission consists of personnel staff and three (3) Commissioners appointed by the Kiowa Tribe of Oklahoma Business Committee. The Kiowa Tribal Gaming Commission is an independent arm of the Kiowa Tribe of Oklahoma government established for the exclusive purpose of regulating and monitoring gaming on behalf of the Tribe.

Regulate Kiowa Tribal Gaming Operations

The Kiowa Tribal Gaming Commission strives to maintain a solid grasp of our purpose, role, function, authority and responsibility. We strive to possess sound knowledge of the applicable laws, rules, regulations and compact provisions relative to gaming. We also make a commitment to professionalism and to the principles of fundamental fairness and due process of law.

Protect Assets, Promote Integrity, Ensure Fairness

The primary purpose of the Kiowa Tribal Gaming Commission is to protect tribal assets, promote integrity and to ensure a sense of fairness between the public and Kiowa Casinos.

Regulators Not Managers

The purpose of the Kiowa Tribal Gaming Commission is regulatory, not managerial. The regulatory entity does not have any involvement in the operational or managerial decisions of a gaming facility, except to the extent that such issues may involve tribal law or regulations. The Commission conducts oversight to ensure compliance with Tribal, Federal, and State laws and regulations. The Commission serves as the licensing authority for individuals employed in the Gaming Operation and shall administer background investigations as part of the licensing process. The Commission also has a role in monitoring compliance with the internal controls for the Gaming Operation and in tracking revenues. Vendors conducting business with the Kiowa Casinos are licensed by the Kiowa Tribal Gaming Commission.

In order to carry out its regulatory duties, the Commission has unrestricted access to all areas of the Gaming Operation and to revocation of an individual gaming license when appropriate. The Kiowa Tribal Gaming Commission also ensures that the gaming operations comply with Federal regulatory requirements of the National Indian Gaming Commission (N IGC), the Compact provisions between the State of Oklahoma and the Kiowa Tribe of Oklahoma, and the Kiowa Tribal Gaming Commission’s own governing documents.

Mission Statement

To protect the Tribe’s gaming assets from theft and collusion by implementing a strong set of Tribal controls, to protect the Tribe from State and Federal regulatory bodies by providing exemplary regulatory services, such as to make clear, right from the start, that the Kiowa Tribe is able to regulate its gaming from within. To minimize the Tribe’s cost of Federal Gaming Regulation by obtaining in as few years as possible, a certificate of self-regulation pursuant to 25 U.S.C. 2710(C) and 25 C.F.R Part 518, To provide information and technical assistant to all other Tribal bodies, regarding gaming, and to accomplish all of this with a “let’s make it work” attitude and spirit of cooperation.